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Upload Statement

NetNet supports statements in Excel, CSV, or PDF formats. Statements can be from any bank and of any length. Please note that the statement must be downloaded via net banking or received from the bank on email.

Process Entries

NetNet automatically converts each row of the bank statement into an accounting entry. All you need to do it select the party ledger. The list of party ledgers is copied from Tally.

Fast Processing

You can use NetNet's powerful search and filter features to identify similar entries. Then you can assign the relevant payment and receipt ledgers (or contra) to all the entries at once.

Copy to Tally

You can review all entries you create on NetNet, before you copy them in Tally with a single click.


Frequently Asked Questions

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How does NetNet ensure the security of data?

What happens if the computer where Tally is installed, is switched off or not connected to the Internet?

For how long are documents stored on NetNet?

What happens if I shut down my NetNet account?

Connect your NetNet Account to Tally

You can unlock NetNet's automation features by connecting your data on Tally to your NetNet account.

After you register, download the NetNet Tally Connector app and install it on the same computer where Tally is installed.

Watch the short video here to learn how to connect your NetNet account to Tally.


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