Automated Accounting

SME promoters maintain their business records in Excel or paper files. Accountants later enter this data into Tally, manually. NetNet automates this entire process.

NetNet features

Modern Accountants are using NetNet to automate their existing manual bookkeeping and provide their promoter clients with smarter data and tools.

Bank Statements

Process long bank statements in minutes! Find and post hundreds of similar entries in one shot

Scan paper invoices

NetNet uses AI to convert purchase or expense invoices into accounting entries. Bye-bye manual data entry!

Store Documents

All client documents are securely saved. Search and find bank statements, purchase or expense invoices, etc.

Tally Reports

Your clients see now their outstanding invoices, collections, bank balances from Tally -- anytime, from any device.

GST invoices

Let your clients create invoices with ledgers and inventory from Tally. NetNet automatically creates the sale entry in Tally.

Business loans

Loans for you business when you need them, at affordable rates. Coming soon!

Customer testimonials

How NetNet works

NetNet keeps the Business and Accountant's systems in sync
NetNet Cloud Platform

Business owners use their NetNet Cloud account to create invoices, upload vouchers and bank statements, and get the latest information about their business.

Chartered Accountants use NetNet Cloud to easily process the data from invoices and banks statements into Tally entries

NetNet Tally Connector

The NetNet Tally Connector is installed by the accountant on the same machine where Tally is installed.

The Tally Connector links the company's data on Tally to its NetNet Cloud account

This enables Promoters to view Tally data as business report, and accountants to write entries to Tally from their NetNet cloud account.

Frequently asked questions

NetNet works with Tally ERP 9 and Tally Prime

NetNet can also be used where a cloud version of Tally is being used from a Tally partner or another vendor.

Older and free versions of Tally may also be supported with limited features.

NetNet understands that the security of your data is paramount and addressing data safety and security is built into every stage of our product development process.

At NetNet, we strive to ensure that:

  • Your data can be accessed only by the users have been given access to it
  • All data you upload on NetNet is safe from malicious attacks intended to steal or destroy it

To deliver on these objectives, we use the best available technologies:

  • For data security in transit, we use Transport Layer Security encryption for all requests between client and server
  • Your data is encrypted and stored in best-in-class cloud servers, to ensure their security when not in transit
  • We perform regular data backups at distributed locations to prevent accidental loss of data
  • We undertake continuous monitoring of systems through logs and alerts, to identify and prevent threats.

You can continue to upload documents and process them using your NetNet Cloud account. Any entries created will be synced to Tally, when it is connected online again.

The reports that will be visible to you via your NetNet account, will not have live data till your Tally is online again. The reports you see will be from the time that NetNet was last synced with Tally.

The documents that you upload on NetNet will be available for retrieval till you have an account on NetNet.

In case old documents are being removed from the system at any stage, you will be given sufficient notice to download a copy of the documents that will no longer be available.

All your data and stored documents will be removed from NetNet databases.

You will need to ensure that you have downloaded a copy of all the documents you need, before shutting down your NetNet account.

About us

NetNet is a digital transformation platform for small businesses that sits on top of their existing business processes and accounting software. It lets them carry on doing things the way they used to, but magically transforms them into a modern, data-driven and smart firm without making any investments in IT or software.
NetNet reduces the pains small businesses associate with bookkeeping and compliance through powerful automation. It makes business processes like invoicing, collections, and inventory management more efficient and digitized. And when needed, it makes it easier for small businesses to access credit by helping them establish their creditworthiness to potential lenders.
Built by users
NetNet works because our users helped us build it, and they continue to help us make it better every day. We spent thousands of hours talking to small business owners and their trusted advisors like Chartered Accountants, to identify pain points and brainstorm solutions.
Our highly engaged users tell us that we have done many things right. They also tell us about things we could do better, and how we could help them even more. We are committed to be the perfect partners for their digital business transformation.
NetNet is a young fintech startup based in Bangalore + Mumbai. Our team comprises of experienced professionals who have built large technology platforms, raised venture capital from global investors, sold to enterprises and consumers and are generally passionate about building new businesses that leverage technology.
Krishna Jha
Krishna Jha

Nagesh Rao
Nagesh Rao

Madhukar Jha
Madhukar Jha
Head of Marketing

Mahendra Baid
Mahendra Baid
Head of Sales